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As a woman, I am not unfamiliar with the world of accessories. But my new fiance has way too many accessories.

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So I mentioned that my fiance helped design a limited Halo 3 controller that he adored so much he mounted it over the fireplace.  Well, the “regular” controllers he has worked on were scattered all over the house.  In Microsoft terms, these are the “accessories”.  Not my kind of accessories.

Really, I am not unreasonable.  There are about 50 of these “accessories” in the house.  My soon-to-be husband doesn’t even have a decent pair of sunglasses.  But we have 50 Xbox controllers.

A few weeks later, we prepare for a garage sale.  “Honey, we have to get rid of stuff.”  I really don’t think married people prepare their single friends for the “merging of the stuff”.  I had to get rid of many things I loved and took pains to collect over time (cute furniture, etc.  women went nuts at my garage sale… )

I go run an errand and leave Richard to tend to the sale.  As I leave, a trio of guys roll up on a moving van. Three Spaniards here to work for Boeing for the summer.  They are here to look at his old bed for their rental.

I return, and Richard is smiling.  “You’re going to be really proud of me.”

He shows me that a lot of the “stuff” is gone.  “They had a wad of cash, so I just kept showing them stuff.”

He sold an old Xbox from 2004 – and the old controllers that go with it.  

Really, it’s no different than when I consign or donate fashionable accessories that are simply out of fashion.