I made friends with the Container Store.

In fashion and style, interior decorating, Uncategorized on September 9, 2008 at 1:55 am

There are piles of games underneath the TV, under the coffee table, on the floor, in closets, anywhere you looked.  Partly, it’s because my fiance gets these things for free.  Since he’s come from the world of New York, where supply and demand rules are different (more demand, less supply on almost everything), he has said “yes” to more than his share of freebies.

I go to the Container Store and find nice, metal DVD organizers to go under the TV.

I also purchase nice, brown boxes to go under the table to organize whatever doesn’t fit under the TV.

“Do you really need all of these?”


The boxes stay.  The games all stay.  We have a treaty.   The dog doesn’t seem to notice the difference.

  1. […] into the boxes in which I’ve stored all his gaming accessories (see: Sept. 8, ’08 post, I Made Friends With the Container Store) and fish out a headset.  Then, I follow his […]

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