How do I watch Cable? Really. Just cable.

In interior decorating, relationship, TV watching on September 25, 2008 at 2:00 pm

The only thing my fiance was adamant we not remove from our new, combined household was his 64″ television.  Let me just say it dominates our small living room.  There is barely room to add a dining table to the area.  Really, there’s only a sofa, because until I came into the picture, he just ate watching TV.   I know from talking to other women that this is common among bachelors.

Anyway, keeping just the TV is not too much of a compromise.  However, when you’re in love with an Xbox nerd, you find that watching TV is not just watching TV.

Before Richard, my world was Netflix by mail and Comcast cable.  I was pretty happy with just OnDemand as an innovative feature.   Essentially what I found out was that our 64″ TV was rigged to be controlled by an Xbox controller and some remote that was way more complicated than any other remote I’d ever seen.

“We don’t need cable TV,” Richard says.  “We just need the broadband.”

“I need cable.  I want to watch my TV shows.  Like American Idol.”  (this is me)  

“But they’ll all come out on DVD later.”

“I don’t want to wait that long.”

We get cable.  By the time the cable box is embedded into my fiance’s system, dominated by an Xbox, another Xbox drive I don’t understand and the remote that baffles me, I don’t even know how to turn on the TV.

“How do I watch cable?”    Richard gives me the breakdown of the system.  “Can you write it down?”  (this is me again)

It takes me a few days to get it, but I learn the input, code, how to put in a DVD, turn on the controller, find the DVD menu and hit play…  to watch my Netflix movies.

I begin plotting the addition of a dining table.

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