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Our worlds were beginning to merge… thanks to Netflix.

In Product, relationship, TV watching on October 30, 2008 at 2:54 am

Fall.  We’ve had several months of merging stuff… me boxing up all the Xbox stuff… him rolling his eyes at my need for Comcast cable.

And then something happened.

By Kristin Kalning
Games editor
updated 3:07 p.m. PT, Mon., July 14, 2008
Kristin Kalning
Games editor

LOS ANGELES — It’s official. Starting this fall, Xbox 360 owners can stream movies directly from Netflix.

My old Netflix world from my HBF (house-before-fiance) was colliding with my world as an Xbox Bride.  All of a sudden, Richard was super excited to show me how it all works, knowing that I had ready acceptance of the Netflix system.  This was a new channel for him to evangelize the features of his beloved Xbox.

“You can stream movies instantly and get a lot of the TV shows you like to watch on DVD, right away.”

It was pretty cute.  A huge announcement for Microsoft Xbox.  A little, personal victory for my husband-to-be.


One day, I fell in love… with the Xbox logo.

In Product on October 26, 2008 at 6:00 pm

I am a little bit of a fan of fashion, and I work in the world of media.  This means, I work among style and design gurus in 90% of my life.  I really love beautiful things.

As I came to get over the strange workings of my fiance’s television, multiple Xboxes, controllers everywhere and ugly t-shirts handed out at product launches (go to the first post to find out how this all started), I realized beauty was staring me in the face every day.

It’s really a thing of beauty, this symbol of the Xbox 360… and it became one of my favorite logos in the corporate world.

Here’s why:

1. The sphere is the world of Xbox – and the world that you can enter when you sign on.

2. The green X splices into the world, cutting a path of entry to go deep and explore the depths of your newest adventure.

3. The light emanating from the green X illuminates the path to an unknown place, indicating mystery and hidden treasure.

4. The X splices communicate – without being obvious – the action of battle, like a sword fight that has won you the right to entire new worlds, or as if the X is telling you that you’ve won the right to play.

5. And the final, sweet touch… when you log on and the ball gives way to a horizon… shaped in a way that tells you there’s something on the other side.

I began to wonder… is this new love affair and newfound respect for the 360 logo beckoning me to find out what’s on the other side?  My earlier resistance to remote controls, too many controllers, disc drives I did not understand… was giving way to curiosity.

Wardrobe malfunctions of the Xbox kind.

In fashion and style, relationship on October 2, 2008 at 2:14 am

There are certain elements of a man’s wardrobe that are dead giveaways that he has worked at Microsoft without a woman’s influence in his personal life for a little too long:

1.  Tee shirt with variation of product logo, variation of slogan o’day.  (e.g. “Xbox Live”, centered on the chest)

2.  Sweatshirt of some kind (not great quality, generic in cut)

3.  Jeans that don’t fit as well as they should with a washing that is completely outdated (sometimes from Costco, because they’re $15.99 or whatever)

4.  Running shoes (not cute sneakers)

5.  Backpack with multiple pockets for cords

When a woman with style (that would be me) comes into the picture, I think it’s important to recognize that this is who they are, and we shouldn’t change them too much.  Ergo, my suggestion as an Xbox Bride is to integrate the pieces of this tell-tale Xbox wardrobe with some better elements.

1.  Allow only the logo t-shirts that have a bit of style to be worn in public (e.g. Lonely Sucks for Zune, see above, acquired from crashing Zune party or picking up freebie)

2.  Introduce dress shoes that are also comfortable but don’t take money away from their tech budget (e.g. Steve Maddens)

3.  Donate all Kirkland brand jeans (or relegate them to yard work duty).  Replace with designer jeans that are on sale, from consignment or heavily discounted.  I say this, because Xbox men do not grasp the value of designer jeans and will not treat them with respect.  Knowing that they were less expensive will prevent you from drinking when they abuse the fashion.

The most important rule of all in dealing with wardrobe malfunctions of the Xbox kind:

PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE when new style is adopted in any way, shape or form.

Positive reinforcement leads to good clothing behavior in the long run.