Wardrobe malfunctions of the Xbox kind.

In fashion and style, relationship on October 2, 2008 at 2:14 am

There are certain elements of a man’s wardrobe that are dead giveaways that he has worked at Microsoft without a woman’s influence in his personal life for a little too long:

1.  Tee shirt with variation of product logo, variation of slogan o’day.  (e.g. “Xbox Live”, centered on the chest)

2.  Sweatshirt of some kind (not great quality, generic in cut)

3.  Jeans that don’t fit as well as they should with a washing that is completely outdated (sometimes from Costco, because they’re $15.99 or whatever)

4.  Running shoes (not cute sneakers)

5.  Backpack with multiple pockets for cords

When a woman with style (that would be me) comes into the picture, I think it’s important to recognize that this is who they are, and we shouldn’t change them too much.  Ergo, my suggestion as an Xbox Bride is to integrate the pieces of this tell-tale Xbox wardrobe with some better elements.

1.  Allow only the logo t-shirts that have a bit of style to be worn in public (e.g. Lonely Sucks for Zune, see above, acquired from crashing Zune party or picking up freebie)

2.  Introduce dress shoes that are also comfortable but don’t take money away from their tech budget (e.g. Steve Maddens)

3.  Donate all Kirkland brand jeans (or relegate them to yard work duty).  Replace with designer jeans that are on sale, from consignment or heavily discounted.  I say this, because Xbox men do not grasp the value of designer jeans and will not treat them with respect.  Knowing that they were less expensive will prevent you from drinking when they abuse the fashion.

The most important rule of all in dealing with wardrobe malfunctions of the Xbox kind:

PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE when new style is adopted in any way, shape or form.

Positive reinforcement leads to good clothing behavior in the long run.

  1. […] That was Richard’s response this morning as I intercepted his departure for Xbox headquarters.   A reminder:  we’ve been on a pretty successful journey to eradicating the Wardrobe Malfunctions of the Xbox kind, as detailed in my post, October 2, 2008: […]

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