Our worlds were beginning to merge… thanks to Netflix.

In Product, relationship, TV watching on October 30, 2008 at 2:54 am

Fall.  We’ve had several months of merging stuff… me boxing up all the Xbox stuff… him rolling his eyes at my need for Comcast cable.

And then something happened.

By Kristin Kalning
Games editor
updated 3:07 p.m. PT, Mon., July 14, 2008
Kristin Kalning
Games editor

LOS ANGELES — It’s official. Starting this fall, Xbox 360 owners can stream movies directly from Netflix.

My old Netflix world from my HBF (house-before-fiance) was colliding with my world as an Xbox Bride.  All of a sudden, Richard was super excited to show me how it all works, knowing that I had ready acceptance of the Netflix system.  This was a new channel for him to evangelize the features of his beloved Xbox.

“You can stream movies instantly and get a lot of the TV shows you like to watch on DVD, right away.”

It was pretty cute.  A huge announcement for Microsoft Xbox.  A little, personal victory for my husband-to-be.


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