I am not smarter than a Fifth grader… except with my iPhone.

In gaming, relationship on November 22, 2008 at 7:17 pm

At this point, the Xbox and its supporting cast of characters (TV, remotes, controllers,etc.) continue to dominate my newly integrated living room as an engaged person.  To date, my interaction has been (mostly) to use it as a DVD player and portal to Netflix.

One day, Richard begged me to try “Are You Smarter That A Fifth Grader”, because he needed me to test the multiplayer function.  He had to ask me a few times, and I reluctantly broke away from my Saturday housework, sighing as I sat down on the couch.  Little did I know that my inner over-achiever from childhood would re-emerge.

Question after question passed.  I continued to flunk out of Fifth grade.  Keep in mind that I was a straight A student for nearly my entire student life, and I attended U.C. Berkeley.  After several rounds of failure, I was determined to win this freaking game.

By now, I had kicked Richard off of the multiplayer function and was playing this thing solo.

I make it to the championship round (or whatever they call it – don’t care at this point).

The question is about the third layer of the earth’s structure besides the core and the crust.

I exclaim, “I am not going to flunk out again!”

I grab my iPhone, look it up, and enter “Mantle” into the controller keyboard.

Jeff Foxworthy congratulates me, and I am satisfied enough to go back to doing housework.


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