I got a dog. A fable dog.

In dog, gaming, Uncategorized on December 2, 2008 at 12:39 am

I’ve played a game or two on the Xbox by now, but I am definitely still not embracing the sitting-on-the-couch-for-hours gaming culture.   And then there was Fable II.

For several nights I’ve been watching my husband play Fable II.

“You have a dog?” (this is me)

“Yes, they give your character a dog, and you can teach it tricks… it helps you find treasure…”

I brought a golden retriever into this relationship.   In fact, I told Richard this was a package deal when we met.  Suffice it to say, I heart my dog.

So the fact that I can have a dog in a video game was…well, a little bit appealing.

Against my better judgment, I join him in Fable II.  And I get a dog.

Next thing you know, for the next several weeks, I am uttering the words, “Honey, can we play Fable II?”

Richard goes to work and tells his co-workers that his fiance likes Fable II because of the dog.

  1. […] According to a new study published in Ad Age, absolutely.  We watch our budgets, but we still throw down money for an entertainment device.  I know someone who doesn’t have a job but just bought an iPad…in fact, I know several.  Do you? We have a bunch of video games at home, but I am looking forward to Kinect so I can dance like Michael Jackson (July 2010, Can Barely Contain My Excitement…), and Fable III so I can hang out with my virtual dog again (Dec. 2008, I got a dog.  A Fable Dog). […]

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