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I spy.. Major Nelson.

In fashion and style, gaming, Major Nelson, Product, TV watching on January 15, 2009 at 12:00 am

I used to be on TV every single day, and I used to wonder why people thought it was a big deal when they met me.  It was so odd to me.

I’d been watching the Xbox Live content that Richard was watching… wondering how this Major Nelson person came to be.

“Who is he?” (this is me)

“A guy who works for Xbox.”

I’m trying to wrap my head around this and am strangely intrigued by his regular appearances as “Major Nelson”, not in a stalker kind of way.  How has he become such a figure on Xbox Live?

I had this same fascination with Jared the Subway Guy.  I have interviewed him about four times, and each time I’m fascinated by his story… from huge jeans, sandwiches and a letter… to national spokesperson and a healthy lifestyle.   I wondered the same about Major Nelson.  What’s his journey?  Really, it’s the story that interests me.

One day, I am on Xbox campus to pick up Richard.

“Hey, is that Major Nelson?”  (this is me, as I crane my neck and gawk)


It’s so weird, because I thought it was a big deal to see Major Nelson in person.

I am rarely star struck.

I am officially a dork.

By the way, I really wanted to give him advice on new jeans.  But Richard told me if he were too stylish, he wouldn’t relate to the Xbox audience as well.  Is this true?  See context in “Wardrobe Malfunctions of the Xbox Kind”, October 2008.