I am a bad auntie. I wouldn’t share Kung Fu Panda with my 7-year old nephew.

In gaming, relationship on December 23, 2009 at 5:20 pm

So we’re visiting my family in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Richard has installed an Xbox into their system.  My nephew has a wii, and he loves it.  Needless to say, Richard is now his hero.

One of the games we brought for family-holiday-fun was Kung Fu Panda.  I loved the movie.  Just loved it.   You can imagine how much I love it when I discover things like the Panda Quake and maneuver Shifu through the clouds.  This. Game. Is. Adorable.

For the first time, I became obsessed.  It is so bad.

“Do you want to play?”  (this is me)

“No, I just want to watch you.”  (my nephew)

Several minutes pass, and I’m having trouble.

“Can I try… let me try… I think I can do it.” (my nephew)

“Let me just try again.  I thought you only wanted to watch.”  (this is me)

AM I NOT THE WORST AUNT EVER?  I got that glaze I’ve seen so many times.

“Wow, Christine.  I have never seen you like this.”  (this is my brother)

Me neither.

Anyway, eventually my nephew played.  When it got too hard, we called in Richard.


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