What’s in the Black Case?

In interior decorating, Product, relationship, TV watching on June 14, 2010 at 7:00 pm

After watching an episode or two of “30 Rock”, my husband, the Xbox Sr. Product Planner, walks over to the dining room table, upon which sits a top secret-looking black briefcase.

“Check out the new —- I’ve been working on.  I have to do in-home beta testing on it.”  Then, in slow motion, he removes the —— from the case, places it carefully on the kitchen counter, in my full view as I load the dishwasher.   And I have to say, it is sleek.

“What do you think?”  My husband gazes at me with a little bit of a teasing look in his eyes.  He even wiggles his eyebrows a little, you know, in that cheesy way.   I cannot believe it, but my husband is using the new —– to flirt with me.

“What do you think?” (the husband again…)

“Actually, it’s really pretty, honey.”  (this is me)  I cannot believe I’m saying this about a new —–.

“That’s what I thought too.  You know what I like about it?  It matches the exact color of the **** and the **** .  I like it, because I knew you would like that.”  (this is him)

In a moment, I realize my husband has learned a lot since I met him.  No longer is the Todd McFarlane/Venom controller mounted over the fireplace (See Post:  “I said I do..” ), he is actually excited that a new product he’s working on matches the other stuff in our house, and he knows this will make me happy.

The —-… is the new Xbox 360.  And it goes nicely with the rest of my home.

(Note:  this was written several weeks ago.  Not postable… until the Xbox news was made public on Monday, June 14 in LA.  In traditional journalism, this was called an embargo.  I get embargoed in my own home these days…)

  1. […] He is referring to my preference for keeping entertainment devices and their accessories in a certain color scheme, because the massive 64″ television dominating our living room is silver.   See June 2010 posting:   What’s in the Black Case? […]

  2. […] the xboxbride blog ended up on a PR summary sheet for “coverage” of the new Xbox 360 (“What’s in the Black Case?”).  I found out when my friend, Andrea (who works at MSFT) in mid-conversation, said, “Wait. […]

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