I got sucked up into all things Microsoft this week. And I had a mini-social media meltdown.

In gaming, Product, relationship on June 15, 2010 at 9:00 pm

My usual, strong communication skills were compromised.

It was a big week, and I got our worlds confused.

For my husband, who’s been working covertly on the new Xbox 360 and Kinect (previously Project Natal) since I met him, announcements on his projects dropped this week.  His excitement had even manifested in the form of flirtation.   (See previous posting 6/14/10 – What’s in the Black Case?)

Also this week, I was immersed in Microsoft Windows 7  to moderate the general session of a Smart+Simple business conference.  Simultaneously, I was filtering Office 2010 discussion in my brain because of my friends…reporter and PR peeps working the angles on that product.

At tonight’s employee and family viewing of the Cirque de Soleil-imagined Kinect world (not at E3), it finally caught up to me.   As we stood in line waiting for food, I realized something awful had happened.

I got this week’s developments on Xbox, Cirque de Soleil, Kinect, E3, Office, Windows 7, and more… confused in my tweets, FB postings, emails, Linkedin comments and… and… omg I think I’ve committed an act of inaccuracy.  Maybe more than one.

“I am freaking out.  I think I made a mistake in my FB posting and a tweet.”  (this is me)

“It’s okay, honey.  Just delete it and write something else.”  (this is Richard)  Essentially, he was telling me to do a social media “do over”.

In the world of the trained journalist, this “do over” is called a “retraction”.

In the game world of Kinect, I’m not sure what “do overs” will be called.   I’m sure my husband fill me in when it’s time… or when Microsoft makes an announcement…which I will tweet/post…hopefully…correctly…the first time around.


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