Scoring in Bed (or, The Peggle Effect)

In dog, gaming, relationship, TV watching on June 19, 2010 at 12:07 am

The other night… I was just so tired.  No matter how “active” you are as a couple, sometimes you just need… to go… to bed. And sleep.  That’s it.

This is what happened.  I’m calling it “The Peggle Effect”.

I enter the bedroom, and Richard is on the Xbox.  (Yes, we have one there too, mostly for my need to veg-out and watch The Hills on Zune Video Marketplace or something.)   He doesn’t normally come up here and play games, because the screen is too small.  He is playing Peggle and doing really well.  Maybe it’s the supportive memory foam pillow.

I prepare for bed.   I get in bed.  He is still playing Peggle.    I am not one who can sleep with lots of noise and activity around me.

“Just put on your face mask and go to bed,” he says, lovingly.

I try.  I can hear the controller clicking.

“I can’t do it.  Can you go downstairs?  I am so tired, I just need to sleep.”  (this is me)

Pause. (both of us)

Sigh. (him)

“Just so you know, I was on the verge of breaking all kinds of Peggle records.  The fact that I’m turning it off shows you how much I love you.”

I am so tired I cannot respond.

I begin drifting…

The dog is already snoring by now.

  1. The solution:

    I mean, come on! He was about to break records!

  2. I have an eye mask. The earplug thing seems extreme. I mean, we have two set ups!

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