Together on Father’s Day.

In family, gaming, Product, relationship on June 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm

About four months ago, my husband lost his father suddenly in a car accident.

An unemotional family in most ways, the funeral and memorials were rightfully full of many tears, many hugs and open grieving.  In between, there were moments of silent strength; they tried to be there for one another as they always had, growing up in a rough neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York and relying on each other for protection, loyalty and friendship.

On this Father’s Day, in their own way, they made a plan to be together – not to revisit the pain or sorrow – but just to hang out.

Three brothers are separated by geography:  Austin, Seattle and Brooklyn.

As I write this, all three are on headsets in their respective homes, connected through Xbox Live and Gears of War 2, speaking only about sniper attacks and strategy.

Lost in the game, it’s the right kind of togetherness, at least for today.  And there is laughter.

  1. Great article… Key ’em coming.

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