What’s My Deal With Major Nelson?

In dinner, family, Major Nelson, relationship, TV watching on June 25, 2010 at 5:22 am

I am making dinner.  Pasta Bolognese.  Richard’s favorite.   I am pairing it with a butter lettuce and radicchio salad with balsamic vinaigrette, as I am trying to get my husband to eat more in the vegetable category beyond tomatoes and potatoes.

“Oh, by the way…”  (this is him, from the living room)  “I saw Major Nelson today.”

I reduce the stovetop fan level for noise control and stop stirring the sauce with my slotted spoon.

“Wait a minute.  I have to hear this.” (this is me)   “What happened?”

“I saw him in the parking lot… I saw him the other day actually.  I asked him how he got started.”

“And..?”  This is normal.  Richard never gives the whole report.  I have to drag it out of him.

“I told him that you’re rarely star struck, but that when you saw him you were excited.”

“And what did he say?” (me again)

“He laughed.  He also told me he had something like 15 years in broadcast.”

Aha.  Major Nelson and I are brethren alumni of the broadcast world.  It makes sense now:  my spidey sense tingled with familiarity each time I saw him on Live.

I look him up on Wikipedia (I know, why didn’t I think of this before-duh).

Many more ahas later, I decide I need to pursue an interview with his wife. She is the perfect person to answer questions about being married to this culture of Xbox.


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