Lost in LOST.

In dinner, dog, family, movies, Product, relationship, TV watching on July 3, 2010 at 1:50 pm

We are about to celebrate our one year anniversary, and these days, “date night” is on the couch.  I couldn’t be happier.

Sure, we could pepper our date nights with the following: 1) a movie, 2) restaurants, 3) plans with friends, 4) any number of social events, and 5) salsa dancing (how we met).

However, when work-related events consume lots of social time, you’re a pretty good chefette, and the amount of content on your husband’s Xbox is enough to keep you in the house for weeks on end if you didn’t have a dog to make you go outside (oh and a job), there is a certain part of me that is just happy to be tranquil on the couch.

Right now, we’re watching the final season of LOST.  The only problem is, when you have an entire season at your fingertips, and the show is as good as LOST, it is easy to just keep watching episode after episode.   It dawns on you that you now have more in common with hard core gamers than you ever thought possible: you are in front of the screen for hours, obsessed, and your tranquility is no longer that.

My solution to this current obsession is to do an Xboxbride mash up of sorts:

  • We’ve invited friends over to BBQ and watch fireworks for the 4th of July…
  • …with the promise of my Sweet Corn, Avocado and Truffle salad…
  • and Hot Tub Time Machine (thanks, Zune VM).

I think I can safely say I’ve combined my content obsession with above options 1, 3 & 4 for our holiday date night… #2 as well, because, well, I’ve been told my corn salad is restaurant quality.  😉

(Note to self:  Plan salsa for next week.)

By the way, I finished six seasons of The Hills in a just a few weeks.  Seriously, I do get out, though.

  1. BTW, the finale was lazy.

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