Geordi LaForge is a Fan.

In Product, relationship, travel, Uncategorized on July 24, 2010 at 9:00 pm

It’s pretty cute when your normally uber logical husband plays the part of a fan boy.

“He said, ‘Heyyyy!  Richard!'” (this is him, excitedly, over the phone with me)

The “Heyyyy! Richard!” came from LeVar Burton, aka Geordi La Forge, Star Trek Next Generation, at Comic-Con 2010.  Understand that this greeting has “roots”, so to speak, in E3 2008, when my husband first met LeVar.

Here’s how the story “goes”:  Richard was sitting in one of the E3 lounges and overheard some conversations about Xbox.  To his surprise, the conversation was coming from LeVar and his group, which was very exciting to Richard, a massive Star Trek fan.  A few minutes later, Richard had scooted closer and introduced himself, discovering that LeVar is a huge Xbox devotee.  So…they all geeked out together, which made my geek pretty happy.

Flash forward to Comic-Con at the Tweethouse event.  “Heyyyy Richard!”

“He totally recognized me.  I didn’t think he would.”  (this is him) And apparently, they started geeking out about Xbox stuff all over again.

They’ve been friends on Xbox Live since their first meeting, but I think it’s safe to say that “Geordi” is now a little bit of a fan…of both Xbox and my husband.


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