A Mom and a Pilates Junkie Walk into My House…

In dance, dog, fashion and style, gaming, Kinect, Product on November 13, 2010 at 4:47 pm

No joke.  Two girlfriends who have no interest in video games broke free from their Nordstrom jeans shopping (serious stuff here) and came over to the house for a super-fast sampling of Dance Central on Kinect before picking up the kids.

It all happened so fast that the dog got really excited and didn’t quite “stay”.  Out she went on the deck for the time being. (More on what happens with Kinect with a big dog in the picture in the next post.)

I pop in Dance Central. and the intro to the game rolls…

“I’m so excited.”  (the Mom)

“This is a good video.” (the Pilates Junkie)

I sign in.

“I love how it’s so futuristic… that you’re just using your hand for the commands.” (the Mom)

“Okay, which song?”  (this is me)

“PUSH IT.” (Both, almost simultaneously, after seeing a few songs)

I pick the Easy mode just to get started.  The Mom jumps in first.

“This is hard!” (The Mom, after a few steps to the music.)   “This is so much fun!”

Pilates Junkie is laughing at the nerdiness of it all.

“I’m totally sweating!” (The Mom)

Pilates Junkie jumps in, laughing at herself for getting about half the moves right.  She also lets out a little gasp when a move isn’t quite right, and the dude tells her, “That’s alright, everyone messes up on that one.”

And just like that, their inaugural Kinect Dance Central session is over.

Final thoughts from them?

The Mom: “OMG I’m totally getting this.  My kids will love it.  I love the no-controller thing.”

Pilates Junkie: “I don’t like the Freestyle so much… when they take your pictures.  I don’t really want to see that.”

I agree.  I’m not a fan of the photo Freestyle feature.  (Xbox – can we disable this?   Don’t mind the Freestyle, don’t need to see the sweaty playback.)

When they leave, I’m back on Bust A Move, trying to stay in the Top 10.  A few rounds later, I post my highest score yet (another blog post, another time).

  1. Wait… I thought Kinect is still supposed to be hush hush? 😉

  2. I am loving how quickly Kinect is turning non gamers into console owners. I have also been chuffed by seeing and hearing the comments from the hardcore gamer about how much fun they’re having playing Kinect games!

    • I agree! What I love the most is the exercise. I just discovered the WORKOUT mode on DC to help count calories. This is a universal appeal feature – wish it were more obvious.

  3. I’m not a fan of the photo Freestyle feature. (Xbox – can we disable this?)
    In Dance Central you can stop photos being taken during Freestyle; it’s under the Options menu (on the main menu -or- do the weird left-arm-sticking-out-right-arm-down-shape during a song).

    Hope that helps!!

    PS: I *LOVE* your blog!

    • Matt – that is so good to know! I’ll test that out. Thanks for the blog support! 🙂 Just played Kinectimals, so I sense a post coming. Have you played it?

  4. I havent played Kinectimals yet but I really really want to!! I’m probably going to return Motion Sports and get Kinectimals — Motion Sports isn’t bad per se, but Kinect Sports is more fun and that’s more than enough “sports” games for me at the moment.

    I want a Bengal Tiger cub soooo bad!

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