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Snowed Out From Om, I Stay Home to Dance

In Uncategorized on February 23, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Well, it’s not like I needed an excuse to dance, but a Pacific Northwest storm did remind me that I’ve been neglecting my duties to uphold my rank on Dance Central.  I’ve been lamenting how I’ve dropped from the top 10 on Bust A Move (see: Kinect Brings A Little Celebrity Treatment and No Way I’m #6!) to well in the double-digit rankings.  It’s time to get serious again.

There’s no better time than a snow-in to work on your rank and your hip hop.

Here’s the deal.  One of my favorite yoga instructors is leaving and only has two classes left, so I rearranged my schedule a bit to make her last two classes.  Tonight, it was not going to happen.  In the 20  minutes before I was set to leave for class, I went from wrapping up a dog walk in the park with a little hail falling, to turning around because my car started sliding down a little hill one block away.  Here are the tracks of my tears, or tires, as I slid back into the garage and into safety.

About a half an hour later, my husband walks in the door, snow on his head.  “I walked home.  I sat in the same place for 15 minutes, and no one moved.”  (He did manage to put his car in a safe parking spot, rather than abandon it on the side of the road, though.)

Those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest know how a little snow can shut down the region.  Those who live in snowy areas such as the East Coast and Rocky Mountain states may laugh at us, but understand that hills, warm asphalt (and more factors) translate into regional paralysis.

In true yogi style, I will let go of my attachment to my plans to practice Ashtanga with Dawn, be grateful my husband and I are home safely, and take a moment to realize this is just another opportunity to Bust A Move.  Meantime, I will be mindful of Erik B. and Rakim’s mantra: “Don’t Sweat The Technique”.

Dance Central, here I come on a snowy night.  All y’all who jumped above me in rank, just know that this yogini has great focus.


Geordi LaForge is a Fan.

In Product, relationship, travel, Uncategorized on July 24, 2010 at 9:00 pm

It’s pretty cute when your normally uber logical husband plays the part of a fan boy.

“He said, ‘Heyyyy!  Richard!'” (this is him, excitedly, over the phone with me)

The “Heyyyy! Richard!” came from LeVar Burton, aka Geordi La Forge, Star Trek Next Generation, at Comic-Con 2010.  Understand that this greeting has “roots”, so to speak, in E3 2008, when my husband first met LeVar.

Here’s how the story “goes”:  Richard was sitting in one of the E3 lounges and overheard some conversations about Xbox.  To his surprise, the conversation was coming from LeVar and his group, which was very exciting to Richard, a massive Star Trek fan.  A few minutes later, Richard had scooted closer and introduced himself, discovering that LeVar is a huge Xbox devotee.  So…they all geeked out together, which made my geek pretty happy.

Flash forward to Comic-Con at the Tweethouse event.  “Heyyyy Richard!”

“He totally recognized me.  I didn’t think he would.”  (this is him) And apparently, they started geeking out about Xbox stuff all over again.

They’ve been friends on Xbox Live since their first meeting, but I think it’s safe to say that “Geordi” is now a little bit of a fan…of both Xbox and my husband.

Winter in Seattle. You need a lot of indoor stuff to do.

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Okay.  The romance is still there.  I just had to figure out what it is.  And it’s different for everyone.

It’s just that the TV is there too.  Both of us just really enjoy movies, television shows, chilling out on the couch after working a hard day.  Sometimes I just like sitting on my husband’s lap, not talking, and listening to him work his way through whatever game he’s testing out for work.  It doesn’t feel any less romantic than that proverbial walk on the beach.  I still feel connected to him.

In Seattle, when it rains so much, you need a lot of indoor stuff to do.  I don’t want to go hiking in the rain.  It’s enough to get the dog totally muddy and wet on a simple walk.

Cuddling on the couch and laughing at him watching Jersey Shore is enjoyable when it rains for four days straight.

I got a dog. A fable dog.

In dog, gaming, Uncategorized on December 2, 2008 at 12:39 am

I’ve played a game or two on the Xbox by now, but I am definitely still not embracing the sitting-on-the-couch-for-hours gaming culture.   And then there was Fable II.

For several nights I’ve been watching my husband play Fable II.

“You have a dog?” (this is me)

“Yes, they give your character a dog, and you can teach it tricks… it helps you find treasure…”

I brought a golden retriever into this relationship.   In fact, I told Richard this was a package deal when we met.  Suffice it to say, I heart my dog.

So the fact that I can have a dog in a video game was…well, a little bit appealing.

Against my better judgment, I join him in Fable II.  And I get a dog.

Next thing you know, for the next several weeks, I am uttering the words, “Honey, can we play Fable II?”

Richard goes to work and tells his co-workers that his fiance likes Fable II because of the dog.

I made friends with the Container Store.

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There are piles of games underneath the TV, under the coffee table, on the floor, in closets, anywhere you looked.  Partly, it’s because my fiance gets these things for free.  Since he’s come from the world of New York, where supply and demand rules are different (more demand, less supply on almost everything), he has said “yes” to more than his share of freebies.

I go to the Container Store and find nice, metal DVD organizers to go under the TV.

I also purchase nice, brown boxes to go under the table to organize whatever doesn’t fit under the TV.

“Do you really need all of these?”


The boxes stay.  The games all stay.  We have a treaty.   The dog doesn’t seem to notice the difference.

As a woman, I am not unfamiliar with the world of accessories. But my new fiance has way too many accessories.

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So I mentioned that my fiance helped design a limited Halo 3 controller that he adored so much he mounted it over the fireplace.  Well, the “regular” controllers he has worked on were scattered all over the house.  In Microsoft terms, these are the “accessories”.  Not my kind of accessories.

Really, I am not unreasonable.  There are about 50 of these “accessories” in the house.  My soon-to-be husband doesn’t even have a decent pair of sunglasses.  But we have 50 Xbox controllers.

A few weeks later, we prepare for a garage sale.  “Honey, we have to get rid of stuff.”  I really don’t think married people prepare their single friends for the “merging of the stuff”.  I had to get rid of many things I loved and took pains to collect over time (cute furniture, etc.  women went nuts at my garage sale… )

I go run an errand and leave Richard to tend to the sale.  As I leave, a trio of guys roll up on a moving van. Three Spaniards here to work for Boeing for the summer.  They are here to look at his old bed for their rental.

I return, and Richard is smiling.  “You’re going to be really proud of me.”

He shows me that a lot of the “stuff” is gone.  “They had a wad of cash, so I just kept showing them stuff.”

He sold an old Xbox from 2004 – and the old controllers that go with it.  

Really, it’s no different than when I consign or donate fashionable accessories that are simply out of fashion.

We were making out on the couch, and I heard a noise.

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“yoyo-whatever is online” the TV said.  Keep in mind that the TV is a 64″, so this pop-up message on the screen was loud enough and big enough to catch my attention, even while kissing the man of my dreams.

“What is that?”

“Oh.  It just tells you when one of your gamer friends is online.”

“Why does it need to tell you that?”

My efforts to disable the feature do not work.  We resume kissing, and I now know that “gamer tags” have a significant place in this man’s life.

Oh.  And I found out this feature is called “pop up toast”.  I only kind of get it.

I said “I do” to a world I didn’t know existed.

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I thought the man I was looking for didn’t exist. One night, while salsa dancing at Seattle’s Century Ballroom, a friend introduced me to a new dance partner. Three months later we were engaged, and I started the process of moving into his place.

It wasn’t the worst bachelor pad you’ve ever seen…

…but… mounted over the fireplace on a custom plaque was… wait for it… an xbox controller.  A controller.  You see, this man I would marry… this man I’d finally found… is on the planning team for Microsoft xbox. This wasn’t any old controller.  It was a limited edition, Xbox 360 wireless controller for Halo 3, wrapped in a special design by Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spiderman’s Venom.

I tried not to move in and take over, but this thing could not stay mounted above the fireplace.

“Honey, this should go in your office.”

“Why?  It’s Todd McFarlane.  He signed it for me.”

“I know.  But it should not be mounted above the fireplace.”

A few days later it was in the office.  And thus, the pre-matrimonial negotiating for wall space, floor space and personal clutter began.